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ping ff02::1

repairing misconfigured hosts using link-local IPv6 addresses and ad-hoc networking

Ansible is a Lisp

More specifically, Ansible is homoiconic and has syntactic macros

Homelab overhaul: standing up the new server

Standing it up, and walking into EVEN MORE PROBLEMS. You might notice a recurring theme

Homelab overhaul: routing, pxe, and failing at both

This product contains a device known to the State of California to cause dumb network issues

Homelab overhaul: layer 1 and 2

Patching security holes by digging myself into new ones

Fixing a bug with C++'s >>= operator

This is very important and I don't know why it has been broken for so long

Happy Leap Day!

I hope your RSS reader processes this post correctly!

Abusing Conda's YAML comments that are actually Python expressions

my favorite build system, jinja-preprocessed-eval-preprocessed YAML

Yes, I redesigned my website

If you have seen this website before 2024-02-18, you might notice a new look. If not, pretend this look has existed since forever :)

Gaming on an Android VM on Linux

So you can do the gacha grind on your computer instead of your phone

Using PRs in Nixpkgs before they actually land in Nixpkgs

A guide on using overlays to enable your impatience

A GPU Passthrough Setup for NixOS (with VR passthrough too!)

I'm doing VR on Windows on QEMU on NixOS because kernel anti-cheat is poison

Blink Mini RE, Part 3 -- Staring into the eye of the binary

If we stare at a binary for long enough, we will intimidate it into giving us its little secrets

Blink Mini RE, Part 2 -- Desoldering and dumping the ROM

I desoldered and resoldered a chip without legs, so I'm officially an expert on all things electronics

My trip to the ACS Spring 2022 conference

Or, how I got dragged into a computational chemistry research project and went on vacation to San Diego's belated 1-year anniversary! 🎉

If the website was better late than never, then this post is too!

A third redesign?

The grass is always greener on the other side

My speaker is broken, what do?

Cracking open a hard one with no one but myself because there's a pandemic outside

Simple Self-Hosting with Docker

"But it works on my computer!" "Then we'll ship your computer."

Brewing Kombucha

FizzBuzz but without the Buzz

Best-in-class malloc()

Technically it's second-best-in-class, but it's still speedy!

Hello World! Personal Website Redesign

Because this actually isn't the first iteration of this website