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I'm attempting to make a CMS in haskell, again . You'd think that given how poorly it went last time, I'd give up on it, but I guess here we go again. The plan is for it to be a flat-file-to-API CMS, where you write your flat files in a Git repo and it imports all of them to an… read more

Locking Drawing Tablet on Single Monitor

To lock a drawing tablet to a single monitor, the command is xinput map-to-output $STYLUS $MONITORwhere `$STYLUS` is gottten from `xinput`: ❯ xinput ⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)] ⎜ ↳ ... ⎜ ↳ HID 256c:006d Pen Pen… read more

Someone at HWC today (I forgot who) brought up a very good point about my QR tattoo plan: what if the TLD kicks you out, or disappears? What if something happens to the .tw TLD? Also, .tw does cost quite a bit of money every year. So, I'll look into getting a cheaper a domain… read more

I'm planning to get a QR code tattoo!

Leaning in *hard* on that cyberpunk aesthetic

I'm already a transhuman trans humanist transhumanist human, so I thought, "why not just go all the way and get a QR code tattoo?" This article is a compilation of basically all of the research I've done on this topic. read more

Today was my first day of school of this year, and the first day in-person since the pandemic began. I guess on the one hand, it feels a bit strange going to in-person classes, but on the other hand, it felt surprisingly... normal? But then I also felt a bit worried about viral… read more

Connecting to the Cal Poly VPN from a Linux machine

Cal Poly's VPN uses GlobalProtect , but IT doesn't support Linux. That sucks, because I use Linux most of the time. Instead, OpenConnect seems to work, with the following command: ```sh openconnect --protocol=gp --user=<user> ```This may need to be run as… read more

For some reason, my the automated build action for the Webmention receiver is failing due to spurious network errors. They're definitely spurious, but they've been consistently happening for the last several hours. I hope this strange workaround fixes it. read more

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