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ping ff02::1

repairing misconfigured hosts using link-local IPv6 addresses and ad-hoc networking

Ansible is a Lisp

More specifically, Ansible is homoiconic and has syntactic macros

Homelab overhaul: standing up the new server

Standing it up, and walking into EVEN MORE PROBLEMS. You might notice a recurring theme

Homelab overhaul: routing, pxe, and failing at both

This product contains a device known to the State of California to cause dumb network issues

Homelab overhaul: layer 1 and 2

Patching security holes by digging myself into new ones


2024-06-21 23:25

There is now a /computers page! It will contain a list of nearly every computer I've owned. Only a couple of entries are here right now and it will be expanded.

2024-02-25 19:40

Oops, I forgot I had my news box despite the fact that it is in the dead center of my homepage.

I did end up making a blog post about the redesign, and another one in the meantime about the Conda Package Manager.

Welcome to v3!

2024-02-18 16:05

This is the third major redesign of my website! This time, it has been totally rewritten as a static site in Rust. The build pipeline has been made significantly less complicated. I will publish a blog post Soon™ about the process.


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