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A GPU Passthrough Setup for NixOS (with VR passthrough too!)

I'm doing VR on Windows on QEMU on NixOS because kernel anti-cheat is poison

This week, I built a new gaming PC and got GPU passthrough set up on it! In this article I'll talk about how I got it working, and stuff I learned about virtualization along the way. ![Neofetches for Kali on WSL on Windows on QEMU in Libvirt on NixOS showing all my… read more

Blink Mini RE, Part 4 -- Staring into the heart of the binary

With pretty graphs in coincidentally non-binary colors!

Because I had the privilege of obtaining factory-fresh ROMs from the cameras ( as covered in the last episode ), I realized that I could use those to perform some deeper analysis of the ROM's structure. So, that's what this post will set out to do. This post was made in a Jupyter… read more

Blink Mini RE, Part 3 -- Staring into the eye of the binary

If we stare at a binary for long enough, we will intimidate it into giving us its little secrets

This is a continuation of the last post, where I desoldered and dumped the ROM . In this post, I will discuss some of my initial findings from the firmware. I'll write about more juicy findings in the next post because this one is getting quite long, and the next one deserves a… read more

Blink Mini RE, Part 2 -- Desoldering and dumping the ROM

I desoldered and resoldered a chip without legs, so I'm officially an expert on all things electronics

![The Blink Mini board, focused on the ROM.](\_/2022/07/07/0/focus-rom.jpg)This is a continuation from the post where I disassembled the lil guy . Last time, I couldn't do anything about this chip because I was waiting for my SPI flash programmer kit to… read more

Disassembling an Amazon Blink Mini camera

I used Ghidra twice, so that means I'm officially an expert in reverse engineering

Strap in kids, this post is about me physically hacking apart Amazon's Blink Mini to get access to its firmware! No firmware was harmed or modified in the making of this post... yet. Big thanks to Ada and Erin for helping me figure this stuff out! Background I attended the… read more

TIL that you can analyze live packets from remote network interfaces in Wireshark with the following command: ```bash ssh $SSH_TARGET "tcpdump -w- -i $REMOTE_INTERFACE" | wireshark -k -i- ```It's essentially three commands glued together in a big pipe. On the left side of the… read more

How I became a l33t h4x0r by installing Kali Nethunter on LineageOS on a Pixel 3

Do you want to hack your neighbors and disable their Wi-Fi because they're blasting too much loud music? Don't, because this is highly illegal and you'll get into trouble. As my Network Security professor says, "please don't get arrested." But if you want to theoretically have… read more

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