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Can we turn smartphones into fax machines?

At today's CPARC meeting, I had an extremely stupid idea. If fax is just audio over phone, what if you had a smartphone app that: converted a PDF into a fax signal dialed a fax machine sent the fax signal over the phone call? But then it gets better. What if on the receiving… read more

A horrible workaround for my bootloader deleting itself from EFI

Eye bleach suggested afterwards

What is this systemd service I have on my computer? ❯ cat /etc/systemd/system/install-bootloader-on-shutdown.service read more's belated 1-year anniversary! 🎉

If the website was better late than never, then this post is too!

It's been a year (and 4 months) since I first brought v0.1.0 of online! Additionally, it's been just over a year since I published v1.0.0 , which I considered the first "complete" version of my site! (spoiler alert: the site is never complete) has… read more

I used NixOS for a week

I spent the week using a travel laptop with NixOS installed on it while at school. On that laptop, I fully bought into the NixOS ecosystem, including managing my /home folder + dotfiles using home-manager.\[^1] Here's my experience with it so far. read more

Fuck it, I'm rewriting my CMS in Rust. Either Haskell tooling is too painful, or I'm too stupid to set it up. Time for attempt #7.... read more

Why do I put stuff in monorepos?

Monorepos are great, and here's why like to use them for my personal projects. read more

I am once again tempted to not write this CMS in Haskell, and just write it in Rust. Okay, I swear it actually makes sense in this case! I'm a lot better at Rust than I was last time! read more

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