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Hello, my name is

Astrid Yu

Software Developer

Made using Next.js, Django, and several other technologies


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Work Experience

Software Intern at Micro-Vu Corp.

Jun 2020 to Dec 2020

C#WPFUX DesignAngular.jsTypeScriptJavaScriptHTMLCSSSass

  • Implemented components of InSpec 3, a program built on C# .NET and WPF that integrates with high-precision optical measuring machines.
  • Led the design and implementation of the Reporting component, which produces user-friendly measurement reports using Scriban HTML templates.
  • Refactored sections of the codebase for maintainability.
  • Designed UI elements for intuitiveness, usability, and extensibility.
  • Researched efficient optimization algorithms for circle-circle geometric tolerance fitting.

Software Intern at FabTime Inc.

Nov 2019 to Jun 2020

JavaScriptC#ASP.NET CoreCPHPASP ClassicVBScriptHTMLjQuerySQL

  • Maintained software that extracts, aggregates, and visualizes silicon wafer plant productivity running on JavaScript, C, PHP, SQL, and VBScript.
  • Modernized the user-facing data extraction system, migrating from the old VBA/Excel-based system to a REST API server running on C# ASP.NET Core.
  • Implemented a password-restricted newsletter archive feature in PHP for the website.

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