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TIL that you can analyze live packets from remote network interfaces in Wireshark with the following command: ```bash ssh $SSH_TARGET "tcpdump -w- -i $REMOTE_INTERFACE" | wireshark -k -i- ```It's essentially three commands glued together in a big pipe. On the left side of the… read more

How I became a l33t h4x0r by installing Kali Nethunter on LineageOS on a Pixel 3

Do you want to hack your neighbors and disable their Wi-Fi because they're blasting too much loud music? Don't, because this is highly illegal and you'll get into trouble. As my Network Security professor says, "please don't get arrested." But if you want to theoretically have… read more

What happens to TLDs when their country stops existing?

EDIT Sun May 15 10:38:34 PM PDT 2022: Hello Hacker News! I've made some corrections to this post after Keith Winstein pointed out a small historical inaccuracy. Turns out, ICANN did not exist until it was created by the Clinton admin on September 18, 1998 , at which point… read more

Top 4 shitty Github Actions hacks that I used this weekend

#2 will make you vomit because I sure did

Github Actions is like the free cup of beer you get at chemistry conferences; it sucks, but hey, it's free. That's why I use it to build the configs for my homelab . I had some decent CI pipelines set up for it, but unfortunately they weren't very reliable. So I spent the… read more

My trip to the ACS Spring 2022 conference

Or, how I got dragged into a computational chemistry research project and went on vacation to San Diego

I guess I'm a travel blogger now. Context ![Domino meme. Small domino: meeting some random girl at a queer Halloween party you went to on a whim. Big domino: going to some a chemistry conference in San Diego](./domino-meme.jpg)So I met this girl named Alia Lescoulie at a queer… read more

Skeleton Stick, a hardware password manager

I got to choose any security-related project I wanted for my CPE 321 (Intro to Cybersecurity) final project. So, I chose to make a hardware password manager on a Raspberry Pi! ![The password manager, unlocked](/\_/projects/unlocked.jpg) read more

Getting NixOS to work on a Surface Pro 6

This post chronicles my experiences trying to get NixOS running on my new Surface Pro 6. Why I got it My older travel laptop, `cracktop`, was kinda breaking down. The keyboard refused to send keystrokes unless you pressed down really hard on it. Additionally, my gaming laptop,… read more

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