Blink Mini Reverse Engineering

Hacking apart an Amazon camera to make it run my own code

Blink Mini camera from Amazon.
A camera that has been violently opened up.

I attended the 2022 Cybertruck Challenge in early July, in which I learned about hacking, then proceeded to hack trucks and truck accessories.

With what I gleaned from the 20 hours of instruction and 20 hours of hacking and reverse engineering, I decided that I should apply what I learned to a real device! These $20 Blink Mini cameras seemed like perfect victims… at the time.

Big thanks to Ada and Erin for all their help with this project!

Blog posts about my journey so far

  1. Disassembling an Amazon Blink Mini camera
  2. Desoldering and dumping the ROM
  3. Staring into the eye of the binary
  4. Staring into the heart of the binary


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