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An incomplete list of the projects I have worked on, of all sizes and types.


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HTML 6JavaScript 6CSS 5C++ 5Electrical Engineering 5Mechanical Engineering 5Kotlin 5Java 5Python 4Bootstrap 4fusion-360 4Robotics 4TypeScript 3website 3Websockets 3Circuit Design 3Arduino 3Docker 2Raspberry Pi 2React 2Django 2Sass 2Node.js 2Control Systems 2stepper-motors 2motion-sensing 2Sensor Fusion 2libgdx 23D Printing 2Android 2Bluetooth 2kubernetes 1devops 1proxmox 1terraform 1ansible 1upcycling 1Gatsby.js 1CI/CD 1CSC 400 1computer-science 1floating-point 1opengl 1glsl 1simulation 1CSC 572 1Haskell 1Abstract Syntax Trees 1Math 1Metamathematics 1C 1CPE 357 1CPE 133 1Verilog 1fpga 1hdl 1computer-engineering 1TensorFlow 1Image Processing 1Data Science 1OpenCV 1Keras 1phaser-js 1AWS 1Socket.IO 1servo 1k-d Trees 1cnc 1autodesk-eagle 1Augmented Reality 1Resin Casting 1Internet of Things 1wearable 1optics 1ssd1306 1client-server 1cross-platform 1terrain-generation 1UX Design 1game-design 1hc-06 1cr-servo 1