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QuadFrost 3D Printer System

Control system for my 3D printer enclosure's lights, filter, and LCD

August 2019 - August 2019

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It’s yet another IKEA 3D printer enclosure, but with custom electronics on it! There’s an OctoPrint plugin I wrote, that communicates with an Arduino I programmed, which sends and receives signals of all sorts, so the whole setup is less boring!

The full setup!

I also have a script that automatically runs every few minutes and takes a picture of the printer. This image updates regularly.

Image of my 3D printer right now

Feature List

  • LED strips!
  • Motorized “air filter”
  • Limit switch to detect the front panel
  • Thermometer to measure air temperature
  • LCD display that shows:
    • Printer status
    • Print progress as a percentage
    • Air temperature

Close-up of the LCD.

The internal parts.


The Monoprice Maker Select i3 v1 has no enclosure. So, this is how I used to print ABS.

OSHA-certified to not catch on fire!

This is obviously a non-ideal setup.

My mom also wanted to get rid of a pair of LACK corner tables, so I decided to hop on the LACK Enclosure train and build my own!