QuadFrost 3D Printer System

Control system for my 3D printer enclosure's lights, filter, and LCD

It’s yet another IKEA 3D printer enclosure, but with custom electronics on it! There’s an OctoPrint plugin I wrote, that communicates with an Arduino I programmed, which sends and receives signals of all sorts, so the whole setup is less boring!

The full setup!

I also have a script that automatically runs every few minutes and takes a picture of the printer. This image updates regularly.

Image of my 3D printer right now

Feature List

  • LED strips!
  • Motorized “air filter”
  • Limit switch to detect the front panel
  • Thermometer to measure air temperature
  • LCD display that shows:
    • Printer status
    • Print progress as a percentage
    • Air temperature
Close-up of the LCD.
The internal parts.


The Monoprice Maker Select i3 v1 has no enclosure. So, this is how I used to print ABS.

OSHA-certified to not catch on fire!

This is obviously a non-ideal setup.

My mom also wanted to get rid of a pair of LACK corner tables, so I decided to hop on the LACK Enclosure train and build my own!


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