APRS on the trip back for Thanksgiving

I decided to take my radio’s APRS functionality for a spin on the ride home this Thanksgiving break.

Unfortunately, there was horrible coverage along most of the trip. It seems I got picked up by the W6DXW-1 digipeater in King City, KI6ETL-10 in San Jose, and WA6TOW-2 in Pacifica while I was in San Mateo, which is extremely puzzling. Perhaps just due to sheer luck.

The static map of my trip from aprs.fi

What happened?

I have a Nagoya NA-771R, but its SMA connector broke, so I wasn’t able to use that. Instead, I had to rely on the rubber duck antenna, and I think I’ll blame that for my problems. I’m attempting to superglue the SMA connector, but it doesn’t seem to be holding very well - there’s a few degrees of wiggle when I install it on my handheld. I’ll try soldering next, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to get a new one.

Another antenna I could try is my folding Abbree tactical antenna! It’s very long and it flips out dramatically, asserting dominance over people who don’t have antennas that are as long.

Additionally, when I slot it in my backpack, it fits perfectly and looks extremely tactical, for the extra assertion of dominance. There is little reason to not use it.

Yeah, I'm tacticool. 😎

Well, we’ll see how it goes on the ride back. Perhaps I might perform some tests around the neighborhood with the antennas beforehand, and hope I don’t get the cops called on me for being a weird lady walking around town with a strange walkie talkie.