Hello World! Personal Website Redesign

Because this actually isn't the first iteration of this website

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Now that I think of it, this actually isn’t too bad of an idea. By the time I finish this website, I will have a blog with actual content!

Unfinished projects

Since I was a very very small human, like maybe 10 or so, I loved building and making things and using cool tech to make cool projects. However, it wasn’t until maybe I was 15 or 16 that I was actually competent enough to make cool stuff.

Between then and now, I’ve done a ton of projects. Some were software, some were electronic, some were mechanical, and many were a combination of all 3. You can see the path of chaos and unfinished projects I left on my GitHub. But the problem is, I always ended up getting halfway through and losing interest. Also, I’ve ended up making so many projects, that I’ve actually forgotten about most of them!

So why a personal website?

And the bolded text is the reason I’m making this website. When I work on a project, I’ll spend some time writing a post here so that I have a record of what I’m doing. Plus, it will give me motivation to keep working and not get distracted by the next cool thing.

Additionally, I may occasionally publish some notes here for theoretical projects as well. I’ll eventually set up Jupyter Notebooks to make it easier for me to do that.

Every project I work on will have its own page as sort of a general summary of what it is and why you should think it’s cool, as well. All my new projects that aren’t secret enough for hiding will be put on there. If I need to hide stuff, I will still put it on there, but redact as many things as I need for it. Also, I will slowly, over time, make pages for my old projects as I rediscover them.

Wait, what's this about a redesign?

This is not the first iteration of my website. Back in March, when I was first learning React, I was pretty bad at it! I realized how bad my code was after taking a break due to schoolwork and putting in a bit of work into a different React project, Inventree.

Additionally, I realized that I couldn’t do everything I wanted with just create-react-app, my website needed to be statically generated. (It’s probably not good idea to render markdown on the client side, but that was what I was doing back then.) I’m redesigning this thing, I might as well use Gatsby!” That brings us to now, where I’m trying to figure out how the hell I configure the static site configuration.