Finally live!


My website is now live! Actually, it’s been live for a few days by now, I’m just a bit late to make the post. As you can see, it’s not completely done, but don’t worry, I’ll still be pushing new updates and content to it.

There’s a few posts before this that I wrote while the website was in development. Please feel free to look at those as well.

Semantic Versioning

My release versions are on a semantic versioning system.

Semantic versioning takes the form of major.minor.patch

We are currently in major version 0, which I will consider the “beta” phase. The website doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that I want it to have, but I will slowly add more as we go along. When I reach a version that I consider to be extremely user friendly and it shows off everything I want it to show off, I will call that major version 1, or the “release” phase.

Roadmap for the near future

In version 0.2, I will make mostly infrastructural changes to my website, but I will improve on some of the user-facing website features as well.

  • I’m completely throwing out my current monolithic Gatsby configuration and replacing it with a more modular, advanced, and type-safe configuration that leverages modular plugins, TypeScript, and GraphQL type checking. I won’t be adding much content as a result of this change, except for perhaps a blog post explaining how it works, unfortunately, but it will make my life a lot easier and make content easier to produce in the future.

  • I will redesign the portfolio page to be more user-friendly.

    • I’ll add a sidebar with filtering options so that you can select specific tags to view.
    • I’ll attempt to also reduce the download size as well, so that users don’t have to download as much data when viewing it.
  • Going along with the portfolio page, I will also improve on the project detail pages as well, hopefully integrating it with the outer portfolio page.

  • And finally, as always, bugfixes when I find them. Or, when you find them and report them to the issues page.


That just about sums up my plans. I will release another post when 0.2 comes out. Thank you, and please stay tuned!